The German Betting and Gambling Market

Liberalising a giant gambling market

The discussion about the liberalisation of the German betting and gambling market has been going on since the Gambelli decision of the ECoJ back in 2003. Now, years later, the course is set for the liberalisation, and from 2012 on the German gambling market will be very different from what it is now.

The increased complexity of the market has also led to increased demands on market research and analyses - simple and short answers no longer work. Therefore, MECN spent several months compiling the most comprehensive, detailed, and objective report (ca. 120 pages) on the German betting and gambling market (not a commissioned study).

Content of the report

  • Liberalisation on the federal/national level – Up-to-date and in-depth information and analysis about the ongoing federal liberalisation (new Interstate Treaty on Gambling), including detailed explanations of regulations (e.g., taxes, ...).
  • Schleswig-Holstein licenses – Comprehensive and authoritative analysis of the liberalisation (incl. betting, casino, and poker) in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein. This includes in particular a discussion of the relevance of this license for any nationwide offers in Germany.
  • 2011 market figures – In-depth assessment of market sizes up to 2011. In particular, we focused on the retail and online sports betting market, and in some cases our market estimates differ significantly from several other earlier market evaluations.
  • Forecasts to 2015 – Detailed forecasts (to 2015) for all online gambling segments as well as for the retail sports betting market.
  • Analyses of all sectors – The report analyses all sectors of the German gambling market (betting, lottery, casinos, and gambling machines) with a special focus on sports betting and online gambling.
  • Analyses of operators' strategies – Analyses of operators' strategic plans for Germany, relevant online and retail players today and in the future, ...
  • Unique insights through a survey of market insiders – Many analyses are based on the results and unique insights we gathered from our extensive survey of German market insiders and operators.
  • In total, the report has ca. 120 pages and 88 graphs/exhibits.

Support of top local experts

As with our previous reports, MECN was again able to gain the support of top local experts as partners for the report. For the legal and regulatory chapters, for example, we cooperated with several renowned experts including the lawyers of Arendts Anwälte. In addition, the researchers Ingo Fiedler and Ann-Christin Wilcke of the University of Hamburg provided unparalleled insights into the German online poker market.

Download report summary/brochure here

120 pages and 88 graphics

Euro 785.00 / USD 1,040.00

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