Swiss Gambling Market - Potential role model for other non-EU markets (e.g., US) or just “business as usual”?

Report on all gambling sectors in Switzerland – betting, lottery, casino, and interactive/online gambling – as well as on the planned liberalisation

Currently, most industry experts have their eyes on the liberalisations underway in the French market worth billions of Euro (see also MECN’s French gambling market report). But in the background, sometimes almost neglected, some smaller countries, such as Switzerland, are also setting about liberalising parts of their gambling markets. But why care about markets like Switzerland; after all, with ca. 7.6 million inhabitants it is no bigger than Greater London? For Switzerland the answer is easy:

  • Switzerland is liberalising without legal pressure – Most EU countries, such as Denmark, France, Italy, … are under pressure from the European Commission and the European Court of Justice to review their gambling legislation in order to comply with EU law. As Switzerland is not a member of the EU, it is under no such pressure but is still considering opening up key parts of its online gambling market. This shows the pressure foreign online offers put on state operators and on state income.
  • Focus on the online casino segment – While most EU countries focus their liberalisation plans on the online betting and poker segments (e.g., France), Switzerland focuses on opening up the online casino segment. Therefore, all casino operators (online and offline), usually neglected in liberalisation plans, should pay close attention to the developments in Switzerland. 
  • Liberal approach to poker – Unlike in many other states, in Switzerland private operators can organise cash poker tournaments. In our view, this is reason to hope that the online poker segment will also be included in the planned liberalisation.

The report includes detailed analyses of all relevant topics:

  • Unique overview of the liberalisation process - Up-to-date information about the ongoing liberalisation process.
  • Analyses of all sectors - The report analyses all sectors of the Swiss gambling market: interactive/online gambling, betting, lottery, and casinos.
  • Current market figures - Comprehensive market data up to 2008, such as market size and development of gross revenues of all sectors.
  • Legal/regulatory and tax information - The report provides detailed explanations of the current legislation and the taxes imposed – it was produced in cooperation with the leading legal experts of the Swiss law firm MME Partners.

In total, the report has 41 pages and 19 graphics/exhibits.

41 pages and 19 graphics

Euro 485.00 /USD 590.00

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