Online Gambling Trends

The guide to the future of online gambling

Trends, insights, and objective analysis on what will drive the online gambling market now and in the future

Currently, the online gambling market is awash with new industry trends and issues: liberalisation, consolidation, B2B/B2G, U.S. market, mobile betting, … to name just a few. But which trends are relevant (and for whom), which ones are just hype, and what are the figures/analyses behind the trends, …? For the most part, the answers provided to the above questions have been vague and subjective. Therefore, MECN wants to shed some light on the situation with an objective study.

The report analyses some of the most relevant topics in the online gambling market – such as:

  • Liberalisation - Effects of market liberalisations, blessing or curse?
  • Consolidation, mergers, and acquisitions ahead – Much more than only PartyGaming & Bwin!?!
  • B2B and B2G – Real and sustainable growth driver or “last option to grow”?
  • Products and channels to come – Mobile, iPad, live betting, online lotteries, instant, MMOGs, … - which will stay a niche product and which will become relevant?
  • U.S., Asia, India, … – Near-term reality or only wishful thinking – the regions to watch.
  • Market players – Future role of state lotteries and incumbents, media companies, local operators.
  • The movers and shakers – The fastest growing gambling websites in the past 12 months.

The report also includes unique insights we gathered from our survey of more than 100 market insiders and operators.

In total, the report has more than 190 pages and 94 graphs/exhibits.

In order to provide such extensive analyses, we teamed up with some of the best in the industry, including Santiago Asensi, Mark Balestra, Chris Krafcik, Quirino Mancini, Bradley Vallerius, …

Download report summary here

191 pages and 94 graphics

Euro 885.00 / USD 1,060.00

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