Investing in the Gambling/Gaming Industry – Hidden Treasure or Risky Business?

Detailed industry report including results of a survey of financial investors, gambling companies, and state-owned operators.          

More and more investors are beginning to realize that the gambling industry is a promising global growth industry and offers a wealth of opportunities. But gambling, in many respects, remains one of the financial community’s best-kept secrets. Due to various reasons, gambling companies often do not make it into the portfolios of investors.

This report of MECN is bringing some light into one of the fastest growing and promising industries. The report will provide detailed information regarding many relevant topics, among others:

  • Comprehensive analysis of the industry’s sectors
  • Key growth drivers of the industry
  • Investment opportunities and current status
  • Industry benchmarks and company comparisons
  • Financial figures, ratios, and metrics
  • Investment volumes and return multiples
  • Stock market analysis (e.g., Gambling Industry Index, …)
  • Privatization of state lotteries
  • Investment opportunities for state lotteries

The results are based on a unique survey MECN conducted in association with one of the most renowned industry magazines, IGWB. Over 100 investors and gambling companies provided insights into the current status of gambling investments, opportunities and challenges, and future investments.

The report is mainly targeted at financial investors as well as at gambling companies that want to unlock the industry’s financial potential. This report will allow for a better understanding of the industry and its investment attractiveness and also help to identify ways in which the industry can improve its investor relations.

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Price: US$ 875.00 / € 670.00

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