Casual Gaming and Gambling on the Internet – 2nd edition

Social Gaming, Skill Gaming, Online Bingo, Online Lotteries, and Others

Online casual gaming and gambling have been around for some time but have generally kept a low profile. Now this seems about to change, and more and more eyes in the industry look at the casual sectors as new growth areas:

  • Recent heavy investments by PartyGaming, 888, Playtech, ... in the online bingo industry indicate the casual segment’s growing importance.
  • Social gaming offers, such as Zynga Poker, are currently dominating the strategic discussions in the online gambling industry.
  • Casual players are the primary revenue-generating segment in liberalised markets, as the example of Italy shows.
  • Fantasy sports and skill gaming are more and more used as strategies to enter markets with legal restrictions (e.g., U.S.).
  • Online lotteries and number games have moved into the spotlight as one of the last “untouched” sectors worth USD billions.

As the issues above indicate, the list of relevant developments is long - therefore, we have decided to update our well received report on the casual gaming and gambling market and publish a brand-new second edition.

Content of report:

  • Social gaming, communities, and networks – A first and unique analysis of social gaming from the perspective of gambling operators, including a Zynga Poker case study, online gambling companies following Zynga’s footsteps, operators’ strategies regarding social gaming, overview of Facebook offers of online gambling operators, opportunities and challenges for online gambling, ...
  • Online bingo and skill gaming – Detailed analyses of the key offers of the casual sector, including breakdown of market figures, regional overview, ...
  • Lotto and number games, instant/scratch, fantasy sports, ... – Many of these casual offers have long been neglected but are at the brink of becoming key growth sectors for the industry. Our research is the first to dig deeper into these sectors and provide insights regarding market size, forecasts, key market players, ...
  • Business models, revenue sources, success factors , ... – The report also examines the business and revenue models of casual gaming and gambling including commissions, B2B, advertising, ...
  • Industry outlook and recommendations – An overview of future growth drivers, key market players in the future, and recommendations for private and state operators.

The report also includes unique insights we gathered from our survey of ca. 40 market insiders and operators.

In total, the report has 112 pages and 94 graphs/exhibits.

Download report summary here

112 pages and 94 graphics

Euro 885.00 / USD 1,200.00

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