Betfair – The Betting Exchange to beat

Company profile of Betfair, including analysis of the 2005 financial data    

In light of a potential IPO and ongoing speculations about the profitability of Betfair, the dominant leader in the betting exchange market decided to publish its financial figures for the first time ever. This offers a unique chance to learn more about the dynamics and gain insight into one of the most rapidly growing businesses in the world of gambling.

MECN took the chance to analyze Betfair’s data and strategies in a detailed company profile and provides an updated overview of the betting exchange market. The company profile offers detailed information regarding Betfair’s most relevant issues, among others:

  • Products and services
  • Revenues and costs (e.g., commission revenues, staff costs, …)
  • Ratios (e.g., revenue per active user, R&D costs on revenue, …)
  • Profit and cash flow
  • Ownership structure
  • Recent developments and outlook
  • Overview of the betting exchange market and its future

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