Belgian and Dutch Gambling Markets

Report about the Belgian and Dutch gambling markets

Despite many similarities, the Belgian and Dutch gambling markets differ widely in several aspects. Whereas in the Dutch market a monopolistic/oligopolistic market structure still prevails, the Belgian market has for some time already been on the way – step by step – to increasing liberalisation.

The report includes:

  • Analysis of all sectors - The report analyses all sectors of the gambling markets: lottery, casino, betting, gambling/gaming machines, and Internet gambling.
  • Market figures - Comprehensive market data such as market size and development of sales/turnover as well as gross revenues.
  • Legal and tax information - Detailed explanation of the current legislation as well as the taxes imposed.
  • Company profiles - We prepared detailed company profiles of the key market players that include products, financial figures, and strategic approaches.
  • Cooperation with renowned lawyers in the Belgian and Dutch market.
  • In total, the report has 63 pages and 36 graphs/exhibits.

Price: US$ 785.00

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